Handling all your money matters, because ALL your money matters.

Financial Solutions Law is a unconventional boutique law office nested in historic Leimert Park.  Dedicated to sparking a paradigm shift in people of color in regards to money, Attorney Wilks runs a practice designed to get & keep people out of debt, spend as little as possible, save as much as possible and create a foundation upon which wealth can be built.  How much money can you save when you are paying 5 credit card companies.  How long will it take you pay it off – how many years of your life?  How much will you end up paying for that machine – “you look good driving”?  5, 10, 15, 20,000 dollars more than it is worth?

OMG, Misty is amazing! She got rid of $38,000 of IRS debt + she stopped my garnishment AND helped me get a newer car for a better price! Call her!




Most court cases will be ‘stayed’ when you file bankruptcy. Hearings/Trials must stop. The case might be dismissed or continued.


ALL scheduled repossessions most be cancelled immediately. Cars must be returned.

All Repossessions must STOP



All phone calls must STOP immediately or

you can sue, and win!.

Give them our number after your deposit.



ALL GARNISHMENTS MUST STOP UPON NOTICE OF A BANKRUPTCY FILING. And, any money taken within 90 days prior can be returned!









Why not call?  Why not read more?  Why not take control of your financial future?  If you don’t do anything now, where will you be in 6 months?  Will anything have changed in a year?  Two years?  Will your credit score have recovered?  Will you have significant savings?  Why struggle and suffer with debt when you don’t have to?  After a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, credit scores repair IMMEDIATELY – because the filer is usually suddenly DEBT FREE – nothing to drag down their credit score month after month after month.  What’s the alternative – have bad credit for another 2, 5, 10 years?  Typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers are eligible to buy a house in 2-2 1/1 years – will you be?

58 BILLION Discharged! in Bankruptcy
BK cases filed in Los Angeles (1st 1/2 of 2016)
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All your money matters – every dime, every penny. How you save it, why you spend it, how much it costs you (yes-costs you), why you want it, what you want to do with it – it all matters. Money matters. The universal language. Yet, we don’t all take our money as seriously as we should. We become jaded, tolerant, nonchalant. Jaded about the ability to have/get/grow more money; tolerant of the state of our financial affairs, living paycheck to paycheck or not being secure about our retirement; nonchalant about spending money.

We aren’t diligent about our money. Not the way we are about our clothes, cars, kids, our entertainment – television (#Scandal), music, religion, etc. Because we aren’t diligent with our money – educating ourselves, staying alert & aware – we sometimes miss opportunities, knowledge, information.

There are many tools to handle and manage your money matters. Get to know them. Explore your options and be diligent in securing financial stability. Most of us could solve all our financial problems if we spent 25% of the time we spend on entertainment, on our financial stability.

Credit repair, debt negotiation, bankruptcy, proper budgeting, responsible spending, are all ways to tackle debt and prepare for the future. Do you really know enough about each option to make an informed decision, or to reject an option?

The source of most people’s bankruptcy knowledge

OMG, Misty is amazing! She got rid of $38,000 of IRS debt + she stopped my garnishment & helped me get a newer car for a better price! Call her!

Where most of us get our bankruptcy information

Television/Media 69%
Internet/Library 38%
Friends/Family 23%
Paralegals 17
Lawyers 9%

Other stuff we do

Misty started handling personal injury cases before law school by working for the Law Office of Alan Sarkisian while in high school.  She settled her first personal injury case after she was in an accident. Two lawyers told her she would get nothing, and another told her to settle for the $500 the insurance company offered.  Testing her analytical, advocacy and negotiating skills,  Misty settled for 5 times the original settlement amount.   A whopping $2500!  Since then Misty has negotiated multi-party cases,  5 figure deals and structured settlements.  Now Misty accepts a few select personal injury cases each year – especially motorcycle cases.  As a motorcycle rider herself, Misty understands the particular needs of injured riders.
Over the past three decades Misty has tutored, trained examinees for the bar, taught, been an adjunct professor and motivational/public speaker. Misty had designed and provided workshops and seminars on criminal law, family law, small business start-ups, entrepreneurship, career development, problem solving, crisis management, motivation, community activism and diversity to small – medium groups (5-83) in communities, at libraries, and organized events such as Ikea‘s Business and Wellness Conference, using interactive teaching styles and methods designed for culturally, linguistically, and academically diverse audiences.
There are many ways to deal with tax debt.  For one, most people don’t know that tax debt CAN be discharged in bankruptcy.  There are rules of course – for example, you must have actually filed the tax return at least two years ago; but getting rid of tax debt is easier than most people think.  There are also offers in compromise and even tax court, which is not nearly as scary as it seems.
Obama seldom gets credit to the work he did with student loans – but it is AMAZING!  There are plans with zero repayment and complete forgiveness in 10 years!  Seriously.  Work for the city, government, a non-profit?  You probably qualify for debt-forgiveness.   There are several programs.


  • Income Based Repayment (IBR)

  • Pay as you Earn

  • Income Contingent Repayment (ICR)

  • Pay as you Earn

  • Income Based Repayment (IBR)

  • Loan Repayment Assistant Programs (LRAPs)